2020 Events

All events are held at Forrester Park, Norwood St, Dunedin. June Jumpers event is held at the Otago Equestrian Centre, Dukes Rd, Mosgiel.

Dates may be subject to change. Please contact us if you wish to confirm any date.


7/8 March                  Championship Obedience Tests (x3)  

4/5 April                    Championship Agility (x2), Jumpers (x3), AD


18/19 April                 Championship Rally-O Events (x4)    


3 May                        Agility/Jumpers Ribbon Trial                     

20/21 June                 Championship Jumpers Event (x5)                            

4/5 July                      NZARO Rally-O Trials (Standard, Zoom, Handy) (x2) 

12/13 September         Championship Agility (x2), Jumpers (x3), AD, ADXA

                                  Championship Obedience Tests (x3)  


19/20 September         Championship Rally-O Events (x4)


4  October                  Agility/Jumpers Ribbon Trial

8 November              Obedience Ribbon Trial


28/29 November          NZARO Rally-O Trials x 2 (Standard, Zoom, Handy) 



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