Canine Companion

Canine Companion is an eight week introductory obedience course. This is the perfect starting point for owners who want to teach their dog the basics, get some focus, provide positive socialisation, and gain valuable training experience. 

As with any “dog” training course, it’s really all about training you, the owner, rather than your dog. Our aim is to help you gain the skills to teach your dog whatever you want. The course covers the basic commands – sit, down, stay, come, and walking nicely on a lead – but in working through these, you will learn how to communicate with, motivate, and reward your dog, and your dog will learn to focus on you, ignore distractions, and follow your instructions.


Having completed the course, you and your dog can continue to expand your abilities through the Canine Companion II course, or carry on into any of the Canine Sports we offer.

All our training is based on effective communication and rewards. This makes training fun and motivating for dogs and humans alike. Whatever your goals are in taking this class, working with your dog in a positive and enjoyable way will build a great relationship between you. And that’s what having a dog is all about.

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