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Scent Work

What is Scentwork?

  •  Scentwork is an activity in which you teach your dog to search for a specific hidden   odour and then indicate to you where it is (like a detector dog).

  •  A fun activity for you and your dog where you work as a team.

  • An easy way to give your dog maximum mental stimulation and an outlet for their natural instincts.

  • Any dog can do it, little and big, young and old.

  •  No prior skills or training required.

  • Courses are in seven week blocks: Foundation, Novice and Advanced.

  • Some of the things you’ll learn in the Foundation course: how the olfactory system works, odour imprinting, what to do and what not to do, learn to search containers, and games to play at home.

  • Some of the things you’ll learn in the Novice course: working in different environments, and searching interior areas, exterior areas, and vehicles.

  • Some of the things you’ll learn in the Advanced course: adding a second odour to search for, elevated hides, and more complicated searches.

  • You can come and do one or two courses and then continue to play around with this at home as a fun activity for you and your dog, or continue doing classes and perhaps have a go at one of the local qualifying trials that happen throughout the year.

When: Sunday evenings


How Much: $8 per session, paid in advance. Membership is required to continue after Beginners course ($50 per year or pro-rata rate for new members). Non-members add $20 to course fee.


Enrolment: Required. No particular skills needed but dog needs to be able to focus in class. Please contact us for more information.

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