Flygility is a less well known version of Flyball. Flygility courses consist of jumps, ramps, tunnels, weave poles, and changes of direction. The dog negotiates the course on its own while the handler remains on the start line. At the end of the course, the dog hits a pedal on the Flyball box, releasing a ball and returning with it back through the course to the handler.


In a tournament, two dogs race side-by-side over identical courses, and the winner is the first dog to complete the course correctly in both directions and bring the ball back across the line. The winners of each race continue to compete in a knockout competition until an overall winner is left.

Winning races gains a dog points. Points earn a dog a series of Flygility titles, but also determine which grade it competes in. With each grade, the course becomes more difficult, starting with a straight line of jumps and tunnels, then graduating to more obstacles and more changes of direction. 

Flygility is a fast, exciting sport and dogs love it, especially if they are obsessed with balls. Many dogs particularly relish racing an opponent. It is also great fun to watch - cliff-hanger finishes and last minute upsets are common.

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