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Current Committee and Officials

President                       Donna Burns

Vice President                Angela Huntley

Secretary                        Julie Scott (

Treasurer                        Lesley Smith

Committee Members      Sharyn Baxter

                                            Teo Georgescu

                                        Melissa Paterson

                                        Mary Rose Scoular

                                            Rayna Swete

                                        Marjo Buis


Agility Coordinator           Teo Georgescu

Obedience Coordinator   Pip Hosken

Rally-O Coordinator         Ailsa Hawkins

Flygility Coordinator         Elaine Limburg

Treibball Coordinator        Helena Akesson

Canine Companion Coordinator MaryRose Scoular

Obedience Show Secretary  vacant

RallyO/Scentwork Show Secretary       Diana O'Kane

Agility Show Secretary        Melissa Paterson

Patron                                  Elaine Limburg

Vice-Patron                          Teo Georgescu 

Committee meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month.


All members are welcome to attend (non-committee members may be excluded from parts of the meeting for privacy reasons)




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