OCTC Championship Rally-O Trial (x4)
17th & 18th September 2022

Proplan Exhibition Centre, Forrester Park
Norwood St, Dunedin

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First Walkthrough 8.30am each day
Entries $9 per class
Entries close 4 September 2022



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Ring One                    Ring Two        Encore 1                          
Excellent A1                     Novice A2
Excellent B1                     Novice B2
Advanced A1                    Excellent A2
Advanced B1                    Excellent B2
Novice A1                        Advanced A2
Novice B1                        Advanced B2


One dog per form  (the form re-sets when you click Submit)
Online payment to 03 0903 0380809 001 (ref name and  21370)
Cash and OCTC club dollars accepted. 
Unpaid entries after 4 Sept will be deleted.
Enquiries to obedienceshow.octc@gmail.com

Ring One                    Ring Two        Encore 2                          
Excellent A3                     Novice A4
Excellent B3                     Novice B4
Advanced A3                    Excellent A4
Advanced B3                    Excellent B4
Novice A3                        Advanced A4
Novice B3                        Advanced B4