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Promoting responsible, enjoyable dog ownership through positive training, from pets to competition.

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Canine Companion is an eight week introductory obedience course. This is the perfect starting point for owners who want to teach their dog the basics, get some focus, provide positive socialisation, and gain valuable training experience. We offer both evening classes and a weekday afternoon class (if there is sufficient demand).

Competitive Obedience has been compared to the equestrian sport of dressage. Under the instruction of their handlers, dogs are required to perform a series of set exercises. The emphasis is on precision, instant obedience to commands and versatility.

Agility is a canine obstacle race, involving jumps, ramps, tunnels, and the slalom-style weave poles. The fast, exciting pace of Agility makes it a natural game for most dogs. Jumps are adjusted according to a dog’s height so that most sizes and breeds can take part.

Rally-O (Rally-Obedience) combines elements of Agility tactics with Obedience exercises.​ A Rally-O course consists of between ten and twenty numbered signs, each indicating a particular exercise the dog-handler team need to perform. The dog and handler navigate around the course, the dog at heel, doing each exercise in order. Exercises consist of a mixture of changing positions, stays, changes of pace, changes of direction, and weaving around obstacles, all done in a very specific way. No two courses are ever the same.

Flygility is a dog sport that mixes elements of Agility and Flyball, using agility obstacles such as tunnels and ramps as well as jumps. In Flygility the dog is required to complete the course without the handler running alongside, so as well as being mad keen on tennis balls and running very fast, to do Flygility dogs need good off-lead control.

In Treibball, the dog pushes eight large inflatable balls across a field to the handler and into a goal. It's a simple concept, but requires a surprising amount of complex skill and problem solving by the dog. Treibball is very gentle on canine and human bodies, while still providing a mental challenge and the fun of the chase. There are six levels of difficulty and a good progression of qualifications to be earned at each stage. 

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