Championship Rally-O Trial (x4)

24 & 25 April 2021

Forrester Park (indoors), Norwood St, Dunedin

First Walkthroughs 8.45am each day

Entries $8 standard classes, $6 Encore, $12 AdvB/ExcB (same trial)


Entry closes Sunday 11th April

One dog per form  (the form re-sets when you click Submit)

Online payment to 03 0903 0380809 001 (ref name and March Show)

Cash and OCTC club dollars accepted. No cheques. 

Entries are not accepted until payment is received.

Enquiries to


Online Entry Form


Ring One    

Encore 1 (Jo Miller)

ExcA/B1 (Jo Miller)

AdvA/B1 (Dawn McCracken)

Novice A/B1 (Dawn McCracken)

Ring Two

Novice A/B2 (Ann Davis)

Exc A/B2 (Ann Davis)

Adv A/B2 (Ann Davis)


Ring One

Exc A/B3 (Ann Davis)

Adv A/B3 (Ann Davis)

Nov A/B3 (Dawn McCracken)

Encore 2 (Dawn McCracken)

Ring Two

Novice A/B4 (Jo Miller)

Exc A/B4 (Jo Miller)

Adv A/B4 (Jo Miller)

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