Enrolling in Classes

We offer a wide variety of class options for all levels. Which class you enrol in depends on what you are interested in doing with your dog, but also depends on what level of training your dog already has. For most of our classes, there are certain standards and requirements you will need to meet. 

Some general things you need to know:


Our classes are not social time for dogs, and interaction is strongly discouraged. Classes are about you and your dog developing a bond, learning to work together, and ignoring distractions. If you are looking for direct social interaction or play time for your dog, you should consider other options. 

Aggressive dogs are not generally accepted into our classes, and dogs that bark incessantly and uncontrollably, or are extremely timid, are discouraged. Classes will not help these dogs and may make them worse. If you are unsure whether your dog is suitable for the class situation, please discuss this before enrolling. We can recommend several excellent private trainers who can help you instead.

Children are not allowed at training sessions unless they are under the direct and constant supervision of an adult, and your children can not join you in class while you are training a dog. This is purely for your child's safety. However, we do accept child handlers under certain conditions - please discuss this with us before enrolling.

Canine Companion 1

This is our most basic class, and the place most people start in. These classes are a general introduction to dog training, working on focus and response to basic cues. They are not designed nor intended to help with serious or significant behavioural problems. We accept dogs of any age, but strongly recommend that pups have finished their puppy vaccinations to avoid the risk of disease, particularly parvovirus. Eight week course on Wednesday nights 6pm or 7pm (daytime classes are also available when there are sufficient numbers), cost $110.00, limit of four dogs per class. New course starts every four weeks.

Canine Companion 2

This is the next level in our basic training programme. Dogs need to have successfully passed the CC1 class, or be able to demonstrate the required level of focus and response to basic cues (sit, down, stay, come, and heel). This class is an excellent introduction to foundation skills for dog sports, as well as providing more advanced pet dog training. You can join other classes while taking part in CC2 as long as you can meet the required standard. Eight week course on Wednesday nights 6pm or 7pm, cost $120 including club membership, limit of five dogs per class, new courses start as demand requires.

Agility and Flygility

Dogs must be at least nine months old, and for Agility have a sit and short stay. Beyond Foundation level, they must have a good off-leash recall and control, able to ignore other excited dogs running around and toys being thrown. Both are intense, high impact sports and not recommended for all dogs. Poor conformation, certain body types, joint or bone issues, chronic injury, health issues, and excess weight may limit what your dog can do, though Flygility is gentler on the body than Agility. If in doubt, consult a vet or canine physio familiar with Agility, or discuss it with us. Flygility Monday nights 6pm, course dates and costs to be advised. Agility Tuesday nights from 6.30pm, club membership required, training fees $40 per six week block.

Competitive Obedience

Dogs must have successfully graduated from Canine Companion 2. Wednesday nights 6-6.30pm. Club membership required, training fees $5 per night, class is on-going.


Dogs must have good focus, loose lead walking, sit, down, and short stay. Dogs should be physically sound and injury free through the back, hips, and hind legs.Monday nights from 6.30pm, club membership required, training fees $5 per night, most blocks are 8 weeks.


Dogs must have reasonable focus on handler and be able to ignore other dogs, no other skills needed, but CC1 is recommended. Wednesday nights 8pm, membership required, training fees $5 per night, usually eight week blocks.

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