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DNZ Agility Committee

Jump Heights Review

The Heights Review Subcommittee (HRSC) was appointed by the DogsNZ Agility Committee to undertake a review of jump heights and dog height categories in New Zealand.

An initial survey of the Agility community was carried out in May, and a report on the feedback received was released in June. Using this feedback, a set of three options for a new system was released in July.

The HRSC have now opened a second survey seeking feedback on these three options. You must complete the survey in one go, so it will be easier to prepare your answers beforehand using the PDF of survey questions below. The survey closes on 6th August.

Report on Survey 1 feedback - this is what people said about jump heights in the first survey from May.


Survey 2 options - these are the new jump height options we are being asked to comment on.

PDF of Survey 2 questions - these are the questions being asked in the current survey, about the new jump height options.

HRSC Survey 2 - the current survey now open for feedback. Please complete this before 6th August.

More information regarding the Heights Review can be found here.

There is a great deal of information and many complex issues involved in this review, but significant changes are almost certain, and they will affect everyone who trains or competes in Agility at all levels. Please take time to read through the documentation and complete the survey. Even if you don't really understand all the details, or feel unable to make any informed decisions, it is essential to get feedback of any kind from as many Agility people as possible to provide a balanced, representative result. Feel free to discuss things with other Agility people if you need to. Your opinion counts! 

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